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Impact Wrenches


    Features and Benefits:2,140 ft.lbs - of maximum torque in reversePinless closed reinforced rocking dog impact mechanismSocket retainer ring combined with hole retainerFull teasing triggerRegulator with integrated forward/reverse with 3-position power...

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    Features and Benefits 1770 ft-lbs high torque in reverse Durable pin less closed reinforced rocking dog clutch mechanism TPR handle and side handle with ability to rotate in 4 positions Regulator integrated in forward and reverse button with...

    $922.98 $764.69
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    Features and Benefits:1,450 ft-lbs. torque provides power to loosen rusted boltsHigh performance clutch provides longer life under tough conditionsHigh efficiency 6 vane motor for maximum performanceBottom exhaust directs exhaust away from the...

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    • 2,065 ft-lbs of reverse torque to handle the toughest jobs • Variable speed with Three reverse power settings • 6” extended anvil for easy use in tight spaces • D-handle for low fatigue working grip and stability • Strong aluminum housing for...

    $295.35 $244.69
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  • 1" Dr 8" Anvil Impact Wrench

    Features and Benefits:1800 ft-lbs of torque at 5000 RPM producing 1600 impacts per minutePinless Hammer MechanismTriple heat treated Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy Steel for durabilityEnlarged D handle can be located on either side of toolCombined F/R and Power...

    $397.59 $312.93
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  • 1" Drive Feather Light Pistol Impact Wrench

    Unmatched power to weight ratio Features Low weight impact resistant housing Features combined friction ring and through hole socket retainers. 2,100 ft-lb maximum torque Weighing in at 12.95 lbs. Low volume at only 96 d(B)a

    $650.36 $465.60
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  • 1" Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Aluminum Impact Wrench

    Features and Benefits:1700 ft-lb Maximum torque and 1900 ft-lb loosening torqueMolded hammer case protective cover and rear gasket/protective band unique design prevents them from moving out of position during useLow wear pin less hammer design Patented...

    $601.84 $576.46
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  • 1" High Torque Impact Gun

    Features and Benefits:Powerful 1,920 ft. lbs of maximum torque in reverseDurable, closed reinforced rocking dog impact mechanismErgonomic side handle, 4 positionsFull teasing throttleRegulator with integrated forward/reverse with 3 position power...

    $687.10 $623.52
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  • 1" Straight Impact Wrench with 6" Extended Anvil

    Features and Benefits: 2,140 ft.lbs - of maximum torque in reverse Pinless closed reinforced rocking dog impact mechanism Socket retainer ring combined with hole retainer Full teasing trigger Regulator with integrated forward/reverse with...

    $618.40 $599.99
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  • 1" Torque Limited Impact Wrench

    Features & Benefits: One position torque limited in forward around 370 ft.lbs. (500 Nm) 1920 ft. lbs. (2,600 Nm) max torque in reverse (3 setting positions) Ergonomic D-handle with full teasing trigger Pinless closed reinforced...

    $731.02 $628.55
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  • 1/2" Air Composite Impact Wrench

    Features and Benefits: 955 ft.-lbs of extreme torque S2S Technology for forward / reverse Ergonomic composite handle for strong durability and less weight 3 positive power settings Full teasing trigger allows full control when tightening...

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  • 1/2" Air Impact Wrench

    Features and Benefits: 670 ft-lbs max reverse Well balanced minimizing wrist strain Metal Tool with Twin Hammer clutch Ideal price point professional tool 3 power settings in forward and one in reverseThe new Chicago Pneumatic CP7736 is a...

    $207.30 $171.75
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  • 1/2" Air Impact Wrench With 2" Anvil

    Features and Benefits: 670 ft.lbs of torque Three power settings in forward and one in reverse Twin hammer mechanism and steel motor Well balanced to minimize wrist strain Suited for light vehicle tire changing, mechanical repair and...

    $210.14 $160.58
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  • 1/2" Angle Impact Wrench

    Features and Benefits: 220 ft-lbs of maximum torque in reverse Steel motor Aluminum housing Full teasing trigger 1 hand forward/reverse operation 3 positions in forward and 1 in reverse The CP7737 ½”angle impact...

    $171.71 $131.72
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    • 1,290ft-lbs maximum torque • Lightweight, durable composite housing • Super-duty twin hammer impact mechanism • 4-position power regulator dial • Pressure feed lubrication • Handle exhaust • Variable speed trigger • Specifications: • Free Speed:...

    $244.23 $218.88
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