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    Features and Benefits 12V DC adaptor fits with 12V, 10A output of Rockford MJS Powers 12V DC devices such as small coolers, small inflators, small buffers, etc. 6mm end to cigarette plug Color: Black Overall length: 8.5 inches  

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    Features and Benefits: 8 sizes, 3/32" to 3/4", 6" long 2:1 shrink ratio - inside diameter is measured before shrinking Heat rating: 257-degrees Fahrenheit (125-degrees Celsius) All sizes are provided in 6'' lengths and can be cut to fit

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    Features and Benefits Pipe Size: 1/4" NPS/NPT Maximum Flow 80 psi: 30 CFM Maximum Pressure: 100 psi Removal Rating (NOM.): .01 Microns  Size: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" The Motor Guard's D-12 Disposable Spray Gun Filter has been the answer...

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  • 26 Pc Terminal Tool Kit

    Features & Benefits:Kit contains 26 terminal release tools that assist in easily removing terminals from electrical connectors.Using the correct terminal release tool eliminates damage to wires or terminal blocks.The handles are individually marked...

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  • 3-Way Battery Tool

    Features and Benefits:Sharp steel blades on this tool remove corrosion and put correct angle on terminal clamps and postsUse six-bladed tapered reamer to quickly clean terminal clampsPost cleaners are marked positive and negativeSized to fit terminal...

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  • 3-Way Trailer Adapter (7 Spade to 6 rd & 43926 pin)

    Features and Benefits:Adapts 7-way connection to 6 round and 4/5 pin connectionsSealed plugs to keep road debris from corroding connectionsOne adapter for all your trailering needsMade from strong Nylon 6Winged grip for easy installation and removalPlugs...

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  • 31 BATTERY POST 1-499

    Features and Benefits: For Group 31 batteries The center is open to accommodate the threaded stud Fits over the stud and cleans lead surface

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  • 43926 Pin Maintenance Kit For Light Duty Car Truck and

    Features and Benefits: Quickly diagnose, repair and restore truck and trailer harness connections Includes 4/5 Pin Tester, Pin Cleaner/Resizer and chemical contact enhancer A preventative maintenance tool for cars, lighduty trucks and trailers ...

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  • 7 Pc Deutsch Terminal Tool Kit

    Features & Benefits: Used for servicing Deutsch terminals Includes 7 of the most popular sizes: 5.6mm, 4.6mm, 4.1mm, 4.0mm, 2.9mm(x2), & 1.8mm Comes in a hook and loop closure pouch See website for application guide  

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  • 7 Pc LED Deutsch Terminal Kit

    Helps Remove Terminals from Connectors without Damage. Lighted handle illuminates electrical connector. 6 quick connect tools are designed to fit Deutsch HD10, HD20 and HD30 series connectors plus Deutsch Jiffy Splices. From AWG 4 to AWG 20. Blow molded...

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  • 7 Round Pin Towing Maintenance Kit

    Features and Benefits: Quickly tests light circuits;cleans and repairs truck and trailer connectors Great preventative maintenance tools that also extend harness life Connector cleaner can be used as a pin-wear gaugesThe 7-way Round Pin Towing...

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  • 7 Spade Pin Maintenance Kit For Medium Duty Truck SUV

    Features and Benefits: Quickly diagnose, repair and restore Truck and trailer harness connections Includes 7 spade Pin Tester, Pin Cleaner/Resizer and chemical contact enhancer A preventative Maintenance tool for cars, light/heavy duty trucks...

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  • ACTIVATOR NS 30695

    Features and Benefits: Dry charge battery filler attaches to standard acid-pak tube Features "Cell-Eye" to prevent over-filling Ends acid spills, drips and leaks No more burns, holes in clothing or problems Positive thumb release valve...

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  • AmpHound 2

    Use on 6v, 12v and 24v electrical systems, no need to remove a fuse which reduces the amount of time to determine the current in the circuit, finding parasitic drains can now be done without removing a fuse or resetting the offending circuit

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  • Antifreeze Hydrometer

    Easy to read pointer for accuracy Small, compact design for use in hard to reach places Obtain direct, accurate readings, Unbreakable, E-Z to read! Wide range: +32º F to 60º F - Fahrenheit and Celsius scales

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