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    Features and Benefits:Internal 100 AMP load capacityTests 6- and 12-volt DC batteries0-16 volt analog display meter with zero adjust10-second test cycleHeavy-duty cables with copper-plated clamps1-year warrantyExtremely handy and portable way to load...

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  • 100 AMP Toaster Style Battery Load Tester

    Features and Benefits:Test 6 Volt batteriesTest 12 Volt batteriesTest car/truck batteries of current draw, voltage, and alternator performanceQuick 10 Second Load testDesigned to help to get your job done right100 AMP Battery Tester

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  • 100-1200CCA Electronic Battery and System Tester

    Features and BenefitsTests battery, starting system and charging system Tests multiple battery types, including Conventional, Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries Operating Range: 100 - 1200 CCA (< +/-10% Tolerance); 7V-15V...

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  • 1000 AMP AC/DC Probe Digital Multimeter

    Features and Benefits High quality unit with 37 test ranges and 10 testing functions - high current capability, good for starting/charging diagnostics Auto power-off, Auto-ranging, Data Hold - Built-in Temp readings Temp probe and carrying case...

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    • Tests 6&12V batteries up to 1000 cold cranking Amps • For conventional and maintenance free batteries in cars, light trucks, lawn tractors and RVs • Simple to use • Completely portable-external power source not required • Complete test done in 10...

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    • Adapter update Kit to use with ATD-3300 Test Kit, 10pc • Detects internal engine leaks caused by blown head gaskets and/or cracked block or heads • Easily test entire cooling system; including radiator, heater core & radiator cap • Kit includes 8...

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  • 12-24V ANTI ZAP

    Features and Benefits:Simply clip the booster clamps accross the battery, and when the green LED illuminates the system is then protected from spikes and surges while the vehicle is being worked onBody shops and muffler shops can use the Service Minder...

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    • For 12-Volt & 42-Volt Hybrid Systems • Automatic Voltage Identi¬cation:BLUE LED for 12V and RED LED for 42V • Pointed Probe Tests Through Wire Insulation • Computer and Air Bag safe

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    Features and Benefits:Internal 125 AMP load capacityTest 12-volt DC batteriesDigital voltage indicator with LED battery status10-second test cycleHeavy-duty cables with copper-plated clampsExtremely handy and portable way to load test suspected low...

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  • 125 Amp Hand Held Load Tester 6 & 12v

    Features and Benefits:Full 125 AMP load tests on 6/12 Volt batteriesTests alternators and starters heavy-duty insulated clamps. Import manufacturerCables extend out from bottom of handle for safe and convenient useFeatures easy to use clamps with 300A...

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  • 12mm & 16mm Compression Test Adapter for Ford

    Features and Benefits: Dual threaded male end provides two adapters in one for testing compression at the spark plug ports on Ford Triton Engines Use the 16mm-1.50 male threads on 3 valve Triton engines 2004 through 2008 5.4L Ford F-150 and 2005 4...

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    • Automatic battery size selection- NO need to input CCA, SAE, ICE, EN, ETC • Uses conductance technology for safe, reliable testing • Battery condition is shown in % of capacity • Tests 12-Volt batteries- both flooded lead acid & AGM style • Tests...

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  • 16 Pc Spade Terminal Test Connector Kit

    7 different sizes of flat/spade type connector terminals Tests circuits via fuse panels, distribution box, harness connections & more Works with Multimeters and digital oscilloscopes Includes 48” stacking banana plug test leads (2 pcs) Male spade sizes...

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  • 18 Pc Micro 64 Test Connector Kit

    Micro 64 is a small, low current type of connector mainly used on GM vehicles and Mercedes-Benz Micro 64 connection is used on many of the sensor circuits. There is a need to check and verify feedback to the vehicles ECM’s. Micro 64 connectors are where...

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  • 20 Piece Electrical Back Tester Kit

    Features and Benefits:Use to back probe harness connectors, fuel injectors and automotive sensors. Kit includes: Straight, 45 & 90 degree, stainless steel probes in .027” and .040” diameter. Which are compatible with 4mm plugs. Probes are color coded...

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  • 24 Volt Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester

    Features and Benefits: Quickly tests voltage up to 28 Volts Works on any circuit up to 28 volts including many heavy duty applications on large trucks and farm implements: heavy duty probe, cord and clamp The probe is insulated with high...

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  • 3 Piece Radiator & Cap Tester

    Features and Benefits: Tests truck cooling system pressure Rugged construction Includes 15/16" plug for testing Bodies are all steel construction Bright plate finishTests truck cooling system pressure on older model GM 2.5L “X” body &...

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