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I have a habit...

I have a habit...

Posted by Bill Bass on Oct 31st 2019

Working in the auto parts and tool business is tough for me. Everyday I see hundreds of the coolest things cross our shipping table heading out to customers. I think it is the neatest thing thinking about the hundreds of repairs that are being done across the country with the tools that we sell. It is a sense of pride for our company.

It is more difficult than it used to be to make sure you had what you needed. When many of us grew up, all you needed was a box with a basic assortment of wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers and you could fix most anything. Fast forward to today, and it seems everything takes some specialized tool. That assessment isn't very far off.

So everyday when I am watching all these cool things cross our table, I have a post it note on my desk with all the things I "need" for my own collection. Every couple of weeks or so I place another "me" order for stuff I might need "just in case". For any of you with the same affliction, I feel for you. 

The downside; There is a cost to it. The upside; Christmas all year long!

Thanks for all you do, have a great day.