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Welcome to ToolsQuik

Welcome to ToolsQuik

Posted by Bill Bass on Oct 31st 2019

Welcome, we're glad you stopped by.

On the surface, our business is very simple and straightforward; We sell stuff and ship it to the customer, piece of cake. But, there are a lot of moving parts in order to do it well and consistently. We've invested heavily to make sure we can do this day in and day out.

But more important is why we do what we do. The world does not need another tool supplier. While we are competitive, we are rarely the cheapest. While we ship quickly, so do most of our competitors. While we have tens of thousands of products available, so do many of the companies that we compete with. So what do we have to offer? A different mindset.

Our industry, like many others, tends to be very unfriendly in regards to interactions between the different areas of the industry. We want to change that.

Our country, like many others, tends to look at many of the things we buy as disposable. Use them until they break, then go buy a new one. We want to change that.

Our environment, like many others, tends to bear the brunt of our transportation habits. We want to help change that.

We appreciate all of you who aren't afraid to dig into your, or somebody else's, vehicle. Keeping vehicles safe and in good working condition is a service to all of us. Thanks for all you do, we look forward to working with you.