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  • Lincoln Industrial 12V Li-Ion Battery Fits 1262/64 Series DGFP1261

    12V Li-Ion Battery Fits 1262/64 Series

    Compact and light weight offers more control, less fatigue, and superior balance Charge level maintained over extended periods Software controlled, no- fade output Easy slide -on attachment 3-times the charging capability of NiCd Environmentally...

  • Lincoln Industrial 14 Volt Battery For Lube Gun DGFP1401

    14 Volt Battery For Lube Gun

    Features and Benefits:14.4-volt NiCad rechargeable battery (Model 1401)Comes standard with the PowerLuber Model 1444Works with 1410a chargerWorks with 1442 and 1444 Lincoln's cordless grease gunNo Charger Included - battery onlyPremium 14.4V battery pack.

  • Lincoln Industrial 18 Volt Battery DGFP1801

    18 Volt Battery

    Features and Benefits:Fits complete line of Lincoln 18V PowerLuber ToolsLong life - high capacity 1900 mAh batteryPadded housingProtected electrical contacts prevent damage and contaminationInternally insulated18 Volt NiCd Battery.

  • Lincoln Industrial 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery DGFP1861

    18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

    Features and Benefits: Long-life battery capable of accepting 1,500 charges Long run - High capacity 3000mAh battery Software controlled, no-fade output Built-in microprocessor protects against battery overload and overheating Easy...

  • Lincoln Industrial 20V High-Amp Lithium Ion Battery DGFP1872

    20V High-AMP Lithium Ion Battery

    Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Trucking, Heavy Equipment Fits all Lincoln 20V grease guns and chargers Supports high-load applications Ideal for large-capacity lubrication points Extends run-time, Capacity: 4000mAh Easy slide-on attachment...

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  • Lincoln Industrial 20V Li-Ion Battery For Ln1884 DGFP1871

    20V Li-Ion Battery For Ln1884

    Features and BenefitsCompact and light weight means more control, less fatigue, and superior balanceEasy slide-on attachment3-times the charging capability of NiCdCharge level maintained over extended periodsSoftware controlled, no-fade...

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  • Electronic Specialties Inc Battery For 501 and Fuse Buddy CGGN3048

    Battery For 501 & Fuse Buddy

    Features & Benefits:Battery for Fuse Buddy and Assorted Multimeters12V Alkaline batteryElectronic Specialties (ESI3-048)For Fuse Buddy and 501 DMM

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  • Streamlight Lithium Stinger Battery DNKL75176

    Lithium Stinger Battery

    Features and Benefits:Rechargeable up to 1,000 timesMade of the highest quality materialsFully Charges in 3 hours3.75 V, 2.0Ah, 7.5WhCompatible with the Stinger FamilyLithium Ion rechargeable battery is rechargeable up to 1,000 times.   The...

  • Streamlight Quad A Alkaline Battery 6 Pack DNKL65030

    Quad a Alkaline Battery 6 Pack

    Features and Benefits:Replacement AAAA batteries for stylus flashlights1.5 Volt Alkaline battery 6 packSuitable for use in flashlights, smoke detectors, multimeters, and other handheld devicesStylus AAAA Batteries - Replacement 1.5 Volt Alkaline battery...

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