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  • Mini-Ductor 1/2 Long Preformed Coil DTXFMD99606

    1/2" Long Preformed Coil

    Features & Benefits: The 1/2” Long Pre-formed coil (MD99-606) works best with 3/8" fasteners and smaller. The MD99-606 coil will last for several hundred uses or more subject to use. Use of the proper size coil, avoiding abrasion and overheating...

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  • Mr Heater 10Ft Hose DRGX273704

    10Ft Hose

    MR HEATER 273704 10FT HOSE

  • Mini-Ductor 96 Bearing Buddy Coil DTXFMD99XBB96

    96" Bearing Buddy Coil

    Features & Benefits:Great flexibility and versatility for larger bearings, gears, pulleys and industrial applicationsThe coil will last for approximately 100 uses or more subject to useAll coils are coated to eliminate oxidation and guarantee...

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  • Mastercool Blower Heater Attachment DRQS20300HTR

    Blower Heater Attachment

    Features and Benefits:1320 Watts120 Volts11 Amp 5000 BTU'sConverts Blower into Heater16AWG SJT cord and grounded plugConverts 300 cfm Blower fan into heater. Eleven Amp 5000 BTU's, 1320 Watts, 120 Volts, 16 AWG SJT cord with grounded plug.

  • Mini-Ductor Ductor Venom Ford Kit DTXFMDV777FORD

    Ductor Venom Ford Kit

    Features & Benefits:The Mini-Ductor Venom with the specially designed ½” coil (MD99-606) aid in the removal of Ford 6.7L EGR Tubes.Coil Twist Lock™: coils now lock down with one simple turn (no more thumb screws) and Venom works with all Mini-Ductor...

    $802.18 $584.25
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  • Mr Heater H 25 N DRGXF125444

    H 25 N

    MR HEATER F125444 H 25 N

  • Mr Heater Hand-Held Torch 500000 Btu/Hr DRGXF272602

    Hand-Held Torch 500000 Btu/Hr

    Features and Benefits: 36" total length with HD shaft Form fitting ergonomic grip handle Needle valve adjustment Excess flow P.O.L. fitting 10 foot hose and striker included

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  • Mr Heater Hs 125 Fav DRGXF170125

    Hs 125 Fav

    MR HEATER F170125 HS 125 FAV

  • Mr Heater Hs 175 Kt DRGXF170375

    Hs 175 Kt

    MR HEATER F170375 HS 175 KT

  • Mr Heater Hs 35 Fa DRGXF170035

    Hs 35 Fa

    MR HEATER F170035 HS 35 FA

  • Mr Heater Hs 35 Lp DRGXF170700

    Hs 35 Lp

    MR HEATER F170700 HS 35 LP

  • Mr Heater Hs 50K DRGXF170250

    Hs 50K

    MR HEATER F170250 HS 50K

  • Mr Heater Hs 75 Kt DRGXF170275

    Hs 75 Kt

    MR HEATER F170275 HS 75 KT