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  • S and G Tool Aid #1 Bodyman Cutter DHVQ91600

    #1 Bodyman Cutter


    $20.70 $15.08
  • Lisle 1-218 Transmission Transaxle Plug BFJW23400

    1"-218" Transmission TransaXLe Plug

    23400Transmission/Transaxle PlugsStops loss of transmission fluid. Five stepped plugs fit both transmissions and transaxles on most import and domestic cars and pickups. Stepped design prevents slipping out. Adapter 23450 includes side gear centering for...

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  • Lisle 1/2 Jiffy Tite Disconnect Tool BFJW22730

    1/2" Jiffy Tite Disconnect Tool

    Disconnect Set For Jiffytite® Connectors Disengages the Line from Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Fittings Without Removal of the Clip. Handy spring-action of the stainless steel tool keeps the tool on the line and makes the tool easier to use. Teeth of the...

    $29.18 $24.27
  • ATD Tools 11 Pc Oxygen Sensor and Sending Unit Socket Set BPRD5666

    11 pc. Oxygen Sensor & Sending Unit Socket Set

    • Features: • For removal and installation of oxygen sensors, oil pressure sending units an vacuum switches • Variety of sizes and styles for use on most domestic and imported vehicles • Made of high quality chrome vanadium and chrome moly steel • For...

    $95.93 $94.72
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  • CTA 11Mm X 15D Honda Head Repair Kit BBHV1420

    11mm X 15D Honda Head Repair Kit

    11mm x 1.5D Honda Head repair kit fixes Head Bolt threads specifically designed for Honda, Toyota and Other Imports The kit provides longer thread inserts for maximum thread engagement Honda head repair kit comes with 1pc. HSS drill bit, 1pc STI tap...

    $88.52 $78.66
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  • Schley Tools 12 and 6 Pt Oxygen Sensor Wrench With Pivoting Handle DHXM67750A

    12 & 6 pt Oxygen Sensor Wrench With Pivoting Handle

    This wrench has been designed for use with most all oxygen sensors no matter what size electrical connectors they have. The 12 point side enables the technician twice the number of “clock angle” attachment positions versus all oxygen sensor wrenches...

  • CTA 12 Long Feeler Gauge Set BBHVA311

    12" Long Feeler Gauge Set

    Features and Benefits: For long reach applications Great for diesel applications Blades include .0015" - .40" Accurately measures gap widthsAccurately measure gap widths. For long reach applications, especially diesel. 12” blades - ...

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  • Schley Tools 12Mm Honda Jam Nut Adjustment Tool DHXM88800

    12mm Honda Jam Nut AdjUStment Tool

    Features and Benefits:Designed for a wide variety of cars with 12mm jam nut valve adjustment screwsThis two in one tool features a window in its socket so the technician can see the position of the screwdriver blade holding the adjustment screw as the...

    $53.60 $41.65
  • Kastar 13/16Dia Magnetic Spark Plg Sk DFVP529

    13/16Dia Magnetic Spark PLug Sk

    Features and Benefits: Magnetic socket makes spark plug removal and installation quick and easy Magnet firmly holds the spark plug for easy installation and removal avoiding spark plug Unique design prevents damage to the spark plug’s ceramic...

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  • Schley Tools 13Mm Jam Valve Adjustment Tool DHXM88900

    13mm Jam Valve AdjUStment Tool

    The memory card is pre-loaded with 2014 Genisys application software for your convenience. New applications not already authorized require a seThis Universal Valve Adjustment Tool has been designed for a wide variety of cars with 13mm jam nut valve...

    $44.35 $41.65
  • Kastar 14 Pc Feeler Gauge Set For Motorcycles DFVP1610

    14 pc Feeler Gauge Set For Motorcycles

    Features and Benefits: 14 piece set of 4" x 1/4" feeler gauge blades, thickness .002" through .015" 1/4" wide gauge blades can be used to check valve clearances of small diameter bucket and shim type valve trains 4" length allows for extra...

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  • CTA 14L Gm Timing Tool Kit BBHV1046

    14L GM Timing Tool Kit

    Features & Benefits: 1.4L Ecotec Timing tool kit is used to set the timing For 2011 & up GM models with the 1.4L Ecotec engine Packed in a Blow Mold Case Compare to factory tools No. EN-49977-100, EN-49977-200, EN-49978, KM-952,...

    $215.95 $197.47
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  • CTA 18 Piece Replacement Circlip Pin Set BBHV4031X50

    18 Piece Replacement Circlip Pin Set

    18 piece expansion set of tips for #4031 Heavy-Duty Lock Ring Pliers Includes sizes: 2.5mm (45° & 90°), 3mm (45° & 90°), 3.5mm (45° & 90°), 3.8mm (Straight, 45°, 90°)

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