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Leak Detection

  • Tif Instruments Charger For Zx-1 DJHLZX3

    Charger For Zx-1

    Features and Benefits:110V-60 Hz Battery chargerNorth and South AmericaDimensions: 3.50 in x 2.20 in x 2.80 inThe TIF TIFZX-3 Battery Charger is a 110V-60 Hz charger for Leak DetectorsIt is compatible with the TIFZX-1 Leak DetectorBATTERY CHARGER, 110V -...

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  • Star Products Cylinder Leakage Tester Plastic Box DQWJCLT2PB

    Cylinder Leakage Tester (Plastic Box)

    Features And Benefits: This tester measures the ability of an engine cylinder to hold compressed air using shop air pressure and supplements a compression tester Pinpoints bad valves, worn rings, cracked cylinder walls, and blown head gaskets ...

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  • CPS Products Det Leak All Ref Deluxe CBPJLS790B

    Det Leak All Ref Deluxe

    Features and Benefits:Patented Ion-Pump sensor with built-in selective filter housing0.25oz/yr (7g/yr) leak rate of HFC.Over 100 computer generated tones varying in intensity with leak size10 high intensity bar graph displayLock-out mode10 Sensitivity...

    $338.95 $271.16
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  • Uview Extend Dye Spotgun Injection System Less Light DMKC471500A

    Extend Dye Spotgun Injection System Less Steel Light

    Features and Benefits:World's most popular injection systemExtenDye with Quiet Cool technology - 8 oz. A/C dye cartridgeExtenDye is SAEJ2297 certified for use in R-134a and 1234yf systems, hybrid safeIncludes low-side hose, R12 and R-134a...

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  • Tif Instruments Maint Kit Older Leak Detectors 2 Tips/3Prot DJHL555

    Maint Kit (Older) Leak Detectors 2 Tips/3Prot

    Features and Benefits: Maintenance kit that includes 3 tips and 3 protectors For the Robinair TIF5550/A, 5650/A, 5750/A and H10A All TIF products are designed and produced to meet the highest quality and industry standards 

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  • Uview Pico Lite 1 Watt Luxeon Light W/ Glasses DMKC413020

    Pico Lite 1 Watt Luxeon Light W/ Glasses

    Features and Benefits:Compact and powerful LED fluorescent leak detection lightBattery powered utilizing a Luxeon® LED bulb, the latest in high-intensity LED technologyCompatible with all UV leak detection dyesPowerful Luxeon® technology - fluoresces UV...

    $71.76 $57.41
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  • CPS Products Refrigerant Leak Detector With Uv Light CBPJLDA1000UV

    Refrigerant Leak Detector With Uv Light

    Features and Benefits:Works with all refrigerantsCertified SAEJ2791 for R134a and SAEJ2913 for HFO1234yfE-MOS sensor designed to work 500 plus hours with no loss of sensitivityTrue UV light will work with all dyesFull 2 year warranty including sensor...

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  • Tif Instruments Repair Kit 3 Tips And 3 Protectors DJHLXP2

    Repair Kit 3 Tips And 3 Protectors

    Features and Benefits:[Advantages] These screen replacement were pre-assembled. You only need to transfer the home button to the new replacement. So it will save you plenty of times and reduce the installation risk.[What you can get] One pre-assembled...

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  • Uview Spot Gun Pico Light Ac Leak And Uv Detection Kit DMKC332220A

    Spot Gun Pico Light AC Leak And Uv Detection Kit

    Features and Benefits Pico-Lite 1 watt LED (3 AA batteries included) Spotgun Jr. Injection System with R-12 and R-134a adapters A/C ExtenDye Cartridges (2 x 1oz.) services up to 20 vehicles UV enhancing glasses and service stickers Rugged...

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  • Uview Spotgun/Uv Phazer Black Rechargeable Kit DMKC414565

    Spotgun/Uv Phazer Black (Rechargeable) Kit

    Features and Benefits: UV Phazer™ Black Rechargeable UV LED Light Spotgun injection gun with R-12 and R-134a adapters Universal A/C dye cartridge (8 oz.) UV enhancing glasses and charger included Rugged storage case

    $214.84 $171.87
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  • Mastercool Uv Dye Light Kit DRQS53351

    Uv Dye Light Kit

    Features and Benefits: Everything you need to start locating leaks sources with UV light technology Locate leak sources in A/C, automatic transmissions, power steering, fuel and cooling systems 12 Volt/50 watt UV leak detector light Mastercool's new...

    $74.05 $52.35
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  • Uview Uv Rechargable Phazer Leak Detection Light Lithium Ion DMKC413025

    Uv Rechargable Phazer Leak Detection Light Lithium Ion

    Features and Benefits:High Output UV LEDAdjustable focusing lensRechargeable Lithium-Ion batteryDurable aluminum constructionCompact designThe newPhazerNeoUV LED light finds leaks others miss. This high output UV LED light optimizes UV wavelength...

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  • Uview Uv-Rechargeable Phazer Light DMKC413065

    Uv-Rechargeable Phazer Light

    Features and Benefits:High power UV LED fluoresces dye brighter than the competitionLithium-Ion battery provides 2 hours of powerAdjustable focus capabilityRugged aluminum housing makes it super versatileIncludes charger and UV enhancing glasses

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