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  • Gearwrench 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Area Light With Ac Adapter BBWZ83124

    1000 Lumen Rechargeable Area Light With AC Adapter

    Features & Benefits:Bright 1000 lumen variable light with COB technologyRuns on both AC and battery power for stationary and portable use360 degree rotating standMeets IP67 water resistant rating for limited water immersionRechargeable lithium ion...

    $116.46 $85.49
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  • Milwaukee 1000 Lumen Rover Compact Flood Light DRRQ236420

    1000 Lumen Rover Compact Flood Light

    Dispurses light as bright as a 250w halogen Multiple hanging features: 2 powerful magnets, spring loaded clamp, key hole hanger, wire hanger 3 output modes for optimal brightness and runtime. High Definition output with true color, even beam and natural...

    $113.46 $83.29
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  • EZ Red 1000Lm Ext Focusing Light Gr CHKPXLF1000GR

    1000Lm Ext FocUSing Light Gr

    Features and Benefits:Battery Level indicatorRotating handle / standMaterial AluminumCharge Time 3.5 HRSWatt Hours: 8.14 eachBattery weight in grams: 48 eachUSB Input: 5V 1A-2AUSB Output: 5V 2.1ABatteries: 2x18650 4400mAh /3.7VImpact Rating:...

    $66.78 $47.21
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  • Streamlight 1100 Lumen Protac Hl 3 Flashlight Black DNKL88047

    1100 Lumen ProtAC Hl 3 Flashlight Black

    Features and Benefits:Provides extraordinary brightness with 1,100 lumens and a wide beam pattern that lights your entire areaTen-Tap programming gives user choice of three modesOptimized electronics provides thermal management and regulated...

    $133.00 $97.64
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  • Bayco 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Under Hood Work Light BDKPSLR2120

    1200 Lumen Rechargeable Under Hood Work Light

    Features and Benefits:Two brightness modes - full power and half powerDual spring-loaded grippers with 48"-77" capacity built into the cradleLight bar can be rotated 360 degrees in the cradle or removed all togetherLight bar handles have 3 magnets each...

    $158.05 $119.00
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  • Streamlight 120V A/C Cord For Most Stinger/Strion DNKL22060

    120V A/C Cord For Most Stinger/Strion

    Features and Benefits:CEC complaint AC chargerFits a variety of Streamlight flashlightsReplaces part number 22311120V AC chargerBlackPart number 22060 replaces part number 22311. 22060 is CEC complaint and is considered and an accessory to many...

    $31.61 $22.21
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  • Streamlight 120V Ac Battery Charging Kit DNKL22011

    120V AC Battery Charging Kit

    Charge your batteries - one or two at a time - in this dual input charging cradle. It uses either USB or "traditional" AC/DC power source for a wide variety of battery charging options. Made from impact-resistant polymer construction. Charge time -...

    $68.49 $48.42
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  • Central Tools 13 Watt Replacement U Bulb BWBJ1100617

    13 Watt Replacement U Bulb

    Features and Benefits:100/89-Watt light bulbBulb shape: A19, Base: Medium Screw (E26)Rated Life: 2000 and130-Volts/5400 hours and120-VoltsRough service bulb for superior impact protectionMax. Overall Bulb Length: 7"Fluorescent Bulb for Central Stomp...

    $17.74 $12.41
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  • Streamlight 147 Nano Light Led Keychain DNKL73001

    147" Nano Light LED Keychain

    Features and Benefits:Micro miniature size - easy to use on key ring, coat zipper or D-ringLED never needs replaced - 100,000 hour lifetimeLED delivers up to 10 lumens - bright for its small sizeParabolic shaped LED area optimizes beam performanceEasy to...

    $10.71 $7.43
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  • Streamlight 18 Stylus Reach White Led DNKL65418

    18" StylUS Reach White LED

    Features and Benefits:Features a flexible 18.75" extension cable that allows for 25.5" of "reach"High intensity LED lasts 100,000 hoursPowered by 3 AAAA batteriesRuns up to 60 continuous hoursA textures grip for non-slip handling makes it easier to...

    $35.21 $24.73
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  • Bayco 180 Lumen Headlamp With Dual Light Feature BDKPNSP4608B

    180 Lumen HeadlAMP With Dual Light Feature

    Features and Benefits: Unfocused wide-beam floodlight for close-up illumination Dual-light (any spotlight & floodlight mode at same time) for maximum versatility Engineered polymer housing Adjustable ratchet tilt head Waterproof ...

    $38.85 $27.29
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  • EZ Red 200 Lumen Pocket Spot Usb Rechargeable CHKPSPR200BK

    200 Lumen Pocket Spot USb Rechargeable

    Micro-usb rechargeable pocket spot light boasts up to 200 lumens of light output. Magnetic base and rear pocket clip 6 Hours of run time on a charge, providing bright light wherever, whenever you need it. Micro-USB charging cord included.

    $36.35 $25.54
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  • Gearwrench 200 Lumen Rechargeable Head Light BBWZ83137

    200 Lumen Rechargeable Head Light

    Features & Benefits: Powerful dual 100 & 200 lumen rating with COB technology Convenient side activation switch for selecting 100 or 200 lumen setting Two way expandable head strap with security clips for work helmets Water resistant...

    $59.39 $41.86
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  • Jump-N-Carry 200 Max Lumen Cob Led Rechargeable Work Light BDBVLNC1241

    200 Max Lumen COB LED Rechargeable Work Light

    Features and Benefits:Two Work Light Settings: High and LowMagnetic Mounting with 180 Degree Swivel Action60 Lumen SMD LED Focus BeamGRIP-TECH Chemical Resistant HousingUp to 4 Hour Run TimeThe Light-N-Carry LNC1241 Rechargeable Work Light is great for...

    $39.41 $27.68
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  • Bayco 3 Mode 55 Lumen Led Head Lamp BDKPNSP4604B

    3 Mode 55 Lumen LED Head Lamp

    Features and Benefits: Battery-powered all LED Combines a tight-beam long-throw spotlight, with a wide-beam close area floodlight Rated at 55 lumens, the spotlight beam is designed for distance illumination Also has a wide-beam 40...

    $29.64 $20.82
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  • Milwaukee 300 Lumen Rover Magnetic Flood Light DRRQ2108

    300 Lumen Rover Magnetic Flood Light

    The ROVER™ Magnetic Flood Light is a bright, versatile personal flood light that lets you take it everywhere and stick it anywhere. Two built-in magnets located on the top and back of the compact floodlight gives you the versatility to mount the light...

    $43.76 $30.85
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  • Jump-N-Carry 300 Max Lumen Cob Led Rechargeable Work Light BDBVLNC1341

    300 Max Lumen COB LED Rechargeable Work Light

    Advanced COB technology Maximum 300lm high work light setting 90lm low work light setting 60lm SMD focus beam setting Up to 4 hour run time on high work light setting Grip-Tech housing for assured grip and impact resistance IP54 dust/water ingress...

    $46.11 $32.50
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  • Milwaukee 325 Lumen Focusing Flashlight W/ Holster DRRQ2107S

    325 Lumen FocUSing Flashlight W/ Holster

    The 325L Focusing Flashlight delivers higher light output in a more durable, everyday flashlight. The compact flashlight is designed to withstand the daily demands of the job site. It is waterproof, dustproof, chemical resistant and survives repeated...

    $59.34 $41.82
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