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Milwaukee 2108 300 Lumen Rover Magnetic Flood Light

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The ROVERÂ Magnetic Flood Light is a bright, versatile personal flood light that lets you take it everywhere and stick it anywhere.
  • Two built-in magnets located on the top and back of the compact floodlight gives you the versatility to mount the light in different orientations and deliver light wherever you need it.
  • 300 lumens of TRUEVIEWÂ High Definition output, giving you bright, high-quality task light for the most accurate details and color. The Magnetic Flood Light survives repeated drops from 4 meters (12 feet) and is water and dust resistant to withstand the demands of daily use on the job site. Maximize the light's brightness or runtime depending on the job using the high and low mode options. A built-in metal clip to attaches to your pockets or tool bags. The clip can also be used as a base and rotated to direct light when resting on a surface.
  • Includes: (1) ROVERÂ Magnetic Flood Light (2108), (2) AA Batteries
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