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  • MotorVac Gdi Induction Cleaner CNHB4002425

    Gdi Induction Cleaner

    Effectively cleans intake valves, combustion chamber, piston crowns, piston ring lands and fuel injector tips. Organic formula improves spray performance Effectively cleans throttle bodies Restores fuel economy and performance Reduces tip-in hesitation...

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  • PINERITE Pinerite 14002 2 ounce jar DSJK14002

    Pinerite 14002 2 ounce jar

    This handy 2 ounce size is perfect to go along where you go. Toss it in your backpack or glove compartment! We started making PINERITE® Hand Soap about 8 years ago. People love the way it scrubs away dirt and grime. At the same time it’s gentle...

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  • PINERITE Pinerite 14004 Katie Pinerite 3.5 ounce DSJK14004

    Pinerite 14004 Katie Pinerite 3.5 ounce

    Katie Pinerite® Head to Toe Pine Powder Cleanser is unique.  It has the same powerful cleaning ability as regular Pinerite® with a premium skin softener and finer soap base. Katie Pinerite® gently scrubs and softens skin. For face makeup...

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  • PINERITE Pinerite 14006 Stainless Steel Dispenser DSJK14006

    Pinerite 14006 SS Dispenser

    We have  the perfect dispenser for your PINERITE® Hand Soap. The brushed steel unit holds 32 ounces of powdered soap to be mounted on the wall next to your sink. The top opens for easy refill.  It releases a measured amount into your hand...

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  • PINERITE Pinerite 14007 Bar Soap DSJK14007

    Pinerite 14007 Bar Soap

    Pinerite® Bar Soap has all the natural ingredients of Pinerite® powder hand soap.  We combine the powder with moisturizing shea butter and other fine oils.  You get fresh cleaning power free of added fragrance.  Get a full...

    $5.29 $3.67
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  • Firepower Tip Drill Cleaner Kit CJMT14231408

    Tip drill Cleaner Kit

    Features and Benefits:Cleans and Trues most standard orificesContains most commonly used 12 drills (#57-74) in assorted sizesComplete with built in chuck and pocket clipCleans and Trues most Standard Orifices. Contains most commonly used 12 drills...

    $30.14 $21.17
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  • S and G Tool Aid Tool Aid Ta18500 Spark Plug Cleaner DHVQ18500

    Tool Aid Ta18500 Spark Plug Cleaner

    Features and Benefits:Cleans any size spark plug quickly and effortlessly with internally controlled abrasive blasting.Uses ordinary air line pressureCompressed air flows through special venturi mixing with abrasive to thoroughly clean spark plugs like...

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